Serving our community

Posted on Oct 27 2016 in Kankakee Valley REMC

As a local cooperative, our reason for existing goes beyond providing safe and reliable electricity to our members. Kankakee Valley REMC is also deeply rooted in the community because it is where we work and call home. Throughout the year, you will see us participate in activities to support and strengthen the community. Annually, your cooperative also participates in Indiana Electric Cooperatives Community Day.

During Community Day, we celebrate as a state one of the core cooperatives principles — concern for community. With more than 50 projects completed in a single day, cooperative employees throughout the state made a positive impact in their individual communities and collectively in a big way for the state of Indiana.

Last year, the employees at your cooperative selected a project that would focus on safety. This project offered members a free reflective mailbox sign. Having a properly marked mailbox makes the difference during an emergency situation when minutes count. These signs would help our employees find a member’s home in the event of an electrical issue, and would also benefit the first responders when responding to an emergency call. Recognizing the importance of these signs, the employees made this our annual Community Day project and are committed to working through all counties that we serve until everyone has been offered a sign.

This year on Oct. 14, our 41 employees focused on providing signs in the area around Bass Lake and northern Pulaski County. Our employees were able to install over 300 signs at members’ homes during this community program.

We look forward to continuing the project each year and in time offering reflective signs to all KVREMC members throughout our service area.