Sense Monitor Saves Money

Posted on Dec 02 2021 in Boone REMC
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Boone REMC is starting a pilot program. The device allows members to take command of their energy use. The device is installed on the electrical panel or at the meter and detects and records the use in real time, noting which devices and areas are using energy and when. Members can then make decisions about their use based on the data. 

“The device helps members understand how much energy they are using, when and where,” Energy Advisor Matt Walters said. “It empowers members to find savings.”

This program is free to Boone REMC members. However, the pilot program initially provides the availability of 12 devices. If the program is successful, the co-op will purchase additional devices to accommodate more members in the future. 

Members who are interested in this program may contact us by phone at 800-897-7362, or by completing a “contact us” form on the website. An appointment for installation will be made with an energy advisor. At the end of the one-month trial period, an energy advisor will analyze the energy use date and share the findings with the member; the device will be removed at that time. 

The Sense monitor is the responsibility of the member while it is on their property. Members are responsible for any damage that occurs to the device while in their possession. It is not the responsiblity of Boone REMC to alert members of high use on any one specific day. The Sense monitor identifies trends and problem areas. SmartHub should be used to monitor daily overall energy use; all billing will reflect kWh use from the house/service meter. 

Members must have wifi and a smartphone or a computer and know the password prior to the setup visit. In addition, they will need to download the Sense app, but do not continue the “get started” process until after the technician installs the device. The technician will assist with the process. Appointment times are expected to take 1.5 hours or less.

To get more information regarding the program, call Becca at 800-897-7362.