See you at your annual meeting

Posted on Dec 21 2018 in Miami-Cass REMC
Rob Schwartz

Most of us lead busy lives. We find ourselves constantly checking phones and email to keep up with the demands of modern life. Thanks to technology, we can accomplish many tasks electronically and remotely to be more efficient. And with so many pressing obligations, we like to protect our “spare” time. Invitations to attend in-person meetings and gatherings are weighed carefully as we decide whether or not our time and effort to attend is beneficial. The answer to the question, “what’s in it for me?” must be compelling. You may think attending Miami-Cass’s annual meeting would be easy to lump into the “no benefit to me” category. However, I’d ask you to think again.

Miami-Cass REMC exists to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to its consumer-members. Equally important is our mission to serve the long-term interests of our local communities. This is where you can help.

As a member of the community, you have a perspective that is valuable — and we invite you to share it with the co-op. At the annual meeting, co-op leaders will discuss priorities and challenges, and discuss the financial health and priorities for the coming years. The annual meeting is also the time to vote for new board members who will represent you — the members of the co-op.

Miami-Cass is one of the few local organizations that is uniquely positioned to bring together all members of the community. It is worth noting that the health of the co-op and the well-being of the community are closely intertwined.

Perhaps you may feel that you have nothing to add to the discussion, so there is no need to attend the annual meeting. However, every energy bill you pay to the co-op helps ensure better service and reliability for the whole community. Your dollars are reinvested locally into improvements that impact the reliability and affordability of your energy.

When members of our community come together for a common purpose, we improve the quality of life for all in our corner of the world.

If you’ve never attended our annual meeting, please plan to attend. We’ll have food, fun and door prizes, so mark your calendar for the annual meeting on Aug. 17 at the Miami County Fairgrounds.