See the light and you can get cash back

Posted on Jun 05 2022 in Noble REMC
Bear Lake Camp
Bear Lake Camp also took advantage of Power Moves rebates by installing LED flat panels throughout its lodge.

Do you own a business or farm? Did you know you can earn cash back simply for upgrading your lights to LED?

You don’t need to construct a brand-new building with the latest and greatest in energy efficiency – though we wouldn’t mind that either! – to earn a big check through Power Moves, our energy efficiency cash back program. Noble REMC will reward even the smallest changes when it comes to your commercial, industrial or agriculture venture.

Lighting upgrades are our most common application for cash back through Power Moves because it’s a simple change that can make a huge difference to your energy use and wallet.

You have the potential to receive cash back from removing old incandescent fixtures, as well as for the fixtures and LED bulbs you replace them with. There’s also money available for occupancy sensors, exit signs and signals and more.

Making big moves

When Nick Busche bought buildings off of State Road 8 to start his manufacturing plant, N.A. Busche, he knew there would be a need for some upgrades, so he took advantage of Noble REMC’s Power Moves rebate program. One of his first projects was to install 110 LED flat panels in the office of his new business, earning him $5,500 in cash back.

But, he’s not stopping there. He’ll continue with more projects this year to save even more energy and receive more rebates.

Choosing a few upgrades

How are campers going to be able to finish arts and crafts without some good lighting?

Bear Lake Camp made sure they were seeing clearly by installing 47 new LED flat panels in its lodge. In the process, it received $2,030.05 in cash back, in addition to the energy savings that will save the camp a lot more in the long run.

Small and simple

Every little bit helps. Just ask Spaw Services of Wolf Lake, which received $760 in Power Moves rebates. The excavating company removed 12 incandescent fixtures from its workshop and replaced them with eight high bay fixtures, showcasing the benefits and power of making the transition to LED.

In 2021, Noble REMC awarded more than $50,000 in Power Moves rebates to commercial, industrial and agriculture members. Will you be part of the group who saves even more in 2022? 

Visit or call Energy Advisor Brian Hawk to learn more.

NA Busche
Noble REMC Energy Advisor Brian Hawk presents a Power Moves cash back check to N.A. Busche owner Nick Busche for his recent LED lighting upgrades.