Security deposit policy change

Posted on May 07 2022 in Clark County REMC

Clark County REMC will be updating its policy on collecting security deposits beginning in June. 

When applying for new service, or when restoring service that has been disconnected for non-payment, members may be required to pay up to a three-month security deposit. This is the first change to this policy in decades and is made to protect the short-and long-term financial health of the entire REMC membership. 

However, we understand that paying two or three months of electric bills as a security deposit is simply not possible for many families. So here are a few ways we are working to help support every family, whatever their situation may be:

1. No security deposit will be required after the first disconnect for non-payment. We are waiving that as a courtesy to all members, understanding that sometimes, things just happen.

2. REMC offers prepaid billing, which requires NO SECURITY DEPOSIT! You can manage your bill the same way you would a prepaid cell phone, or gas in your car. Call our office for more details, or visit