Seasonal Savings: A few steps can help you save energy – and money – during the holidays

Each inflatable lawn decoration you decorate with during the holiday season can add $5-10 to your holiday
electric bill.

The brisk chilly air and color-changing leaves let you know that the holidays are just around the corner! As you plan to partake in annual holiday decorating, you can take some steps to help save money on the décor’s accompanying energy use. Some steps to consider are: 

Use LED lights for energy savings. 

If you have been using the same holiday lights and decorations for years, you may be wasting money! Technology has improved the efficiency of holiday lights, which are now made with LEDs. If you have not updated your lights in the last five years, you may want to consider upgrades. 

Use timers to schedule decorations. 

While decorations liven up the mood, it makes the most sense to have them on at times when people can enjoy them. Automatic timers can schedule your holiday decorations so that they are enjoyed when you want them – and not cost you   money the rest of the time.

Consider different kinds of decorations. 

While planning your décor, there may be some options that you may have not before considered. From lawn ornaments to a variety of objects for the house, alternatives to lights and decorations that use electricity can help you save money – and make for creative displays!

Buy ENERGY STAR® rated products. 

When shopping for new decorations – or even major appliances – search for items that have the ENERGY STAR label. Items and appliances with this rating use less electricity than other products available. The reduced energy use will save you money over the product’s lifecycle.

Taking just a few steps can lead to savings all season long! You can put that money to good use – on additional sides for festive meals, or even gifts under the tree.  Visit for more tips on how you can save energy – and money – all year long!