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Posted on Oct 29 2018 in Steuben County REMC

Josh Durbin, special services coordinator with Steuben County REMC, shows a member how he can save energy in his home.

Energy efficiency is so important to keeping your electric bill low.

As we know from the frigid weather we are sure to experience this winter to the hot summer days we recently had, our climate zone varies. The changes in temperature and humidity levels dictate lots of things — how much fresh air (ventilation) your home requires, how much (and what type) of insulation is needed, and whether a geothermal or an air-source heat pump or a different type of heating and cooling system works best.

Because we are locally owned and operated, Steuben County REMC can provide you targeted advice on meeting energy-efficiency goals not only suited for our weather, but also your residence.For example, Steuben County REMC offers home energy audits free of charge to members, where Josh Durbin, our energy efficiency expert, will consult with you over the phone and then make an appointment to inspect your home.

Durbin uses an infrared camera to determine where your home could use more insulation and a blower door to test the number of air changes into your home and pinpoint areas of leakage for proper sealing. Following the audit, Durbin will provide you with a report detailing recommendations on how to improve your home’s efficiency.

Schedule your FREE energy evaluation today by visiting Our resident energy advisor is here to serve you, offering advice on efficiency tips, rebates and incentives, safety and FREE home energy evaluations.