Save with these rebates from Harrison REMC

Posted on Apr 28 2023 in Harrison REMC

Heat pump water heater rebate

Water heating usually attributes to around 14% of a typical home’s total energy costs.

A heat pump water heater dramatically reduces electric energy consumption compared to an electric tank style water heater. A standard electric tank style unit will use 4,879 kWh of electricity per year compared to 1,856 kWh of electricity per year for a heat pump model.

For Harrison REMC members, the savings is nearly $302 per year with the current residential electric rate. That translates into an efficiency range of 300% to 500% for heat pump water heaters compared to 90% for a tank style model.

The units get the heat for making hot water from the surrounding air, not from electricity.

Harrison REMC has a $500 rebate for investing in this technology.

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Electric outdoor equipment rebate

Electric lawn mower

Your electric cooperative is offering rebates on electric lawnmowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, snowblowers, roto-tillers and pressure washers – up to $50 toward the cost of new equipment.

Whether you search online or stop by your local hardware store, we want you to find equipment to keep your lawn well-maintained for years to come. When shopping, look for manufacturers who use lithium-ion batteries as they provide the power you expect and charge quickly. If you need a new push mower, be sure you choose a model that runs on at least 36 volts.

The brand you choose is up to you, as well as where you make the purchase – we trust you know what you need and respect where you want to shop.

Why go electric – beyond the savings this incentive provides? You can say goodbye to gas cans and mixing two-cycle fuel. With electric equipment, all you have to do is keep your battery packs charged. This incentive will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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Terms and conditions

  • Must be a current Harrison REMC residential member-consumer.
  • The applicant’s primary address is identified on the application.
  • Rebates apply to lawnmowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, snowblowers, roto-tillers and pressure washers (corded or battery equipment is eligible).
  • Equipment must be purchased new; reconditioned or refurbished equipment is not eligible.
  • Rebate for qualifying equipment is 50% of the purchase price up to $50.
  • Limit (1) rebate per member account.
  • Customer must complete and submit application to Harrison REMC.
  • Proof of purchase required (receipt or paid invoice).
  • Completed rebate application and documentation must be received within 90 days of purchase date.
  • Equipment must be purchased between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2023.
  • Equipment must have a minimum one-year warranty.
  • Lawnmowers must have a minimum of 36 volts.
  • Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis while funds are available.
  • Rebates may take up to 6 weeks from receipt of the application by Harrison REMC to process.
  • Hoosier Energy has full discretion over the rebate and reserves the right to modify the program at any time.