Save money in your home office

Posted on Dec 22 2020 in Features, Heartland REMC
Lady on home laptop
You can save money and energy by purchasing a laptop over a desktop computer.

Make sure your computer and office equipment are energy-efficient. 

Here are five ways to save energy in your home office:

  1. Using an ENERGY STAR-labeled computer can save 30%-65% energy than computers without this designation.
  2. Buy a laptop instead of a desktop computer. A laptop consumes considerably less energy.
  3. Computers and battery chargers continue to draw electricity even when they are turned off — unless you unplug them. A tip: Plug all of your desk equipment into a power strip with a surge protector so you can cut power to the whole group by unplugging just one device. You could save $75 a year if you shut it down when you’re not using it. 
  4. Invest in rechargeable batteries for your cordless phones and digital cameras. They cost less to use in the long run than disposable batteries, and they generate less trash because you don’t throw them away when they lose their juice.
  5. Choose office equipment that comes with a “low-power” mode. Running a computer in low-power mode will keep it cooler, save energy and extend its life.