Your satisfaction means a lot to us

George Carter

No, we’re not perfect. No, we can’t solve every problem. Yes, the lights go out now and then. However, our main goal is serving you, our members. Your satisfaction means a lot to each and every employee of the co-op. We work hard every day to provide you with the highest level of service — that’s our goal.

One method of measuring our progress is through a detailed member survey. Our national trade association (NRECA) conducts a survey for us. This survey is meant to measure several areas of the cooperative’s operations and to judge how we meet your expectations.

I am very pleased to report that you, our members, gave us a very high score. You gave us a score of 87 (out of 100), and the highest score for a co-op in Ohio was 89. The average score for municipal electric systems and large investor-owned systems was 77.

Although we are pleased with this score, it doesn’t meet our goal, which is to be in the 90s every year for member satisfaction. I understand we can’t meet every expectation every time, but we can work hard to try.

Why do we try so hard and set these high goals? We understand that each member is also an owner. We don’t serve customers; we serve member-owners. That simple fact sets the bar higher for us. Further still, as member-owners, you are closer to us than most utility customers. Many utility customers don’t even know who to call at their utility. That’s not the case here. Many of you know us by name.

Member-owners have a voice in their cooperative. Not only can you call us directly, but you can contact us through social media, you can attend a member event, and you can even serve on the board of trustees. Trustee elections are held each year and are only open to members of the cooperative. Additional details on the trustee election process can be found on page 7 and at

Thank you to all the members who participated in the survey this year. All of us are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. This year, as we reflect on everything we’re thankful for, please think back to the early members of the co-op who laid the foundation for what we enjoy today — a committed, not-for-profit, member-focused co-op. Happy Thanksgiving.

President and CEO