Saluting our lineworkers

Posted on Mar 22 2018 in Noble REMC

Lineworker Appreciation Day is Friday, April 9, and we’d like to extend our appreciation to the Noble REMC operations crew who works around the clock to make sure members’ power stays flowing. From left are Journeyman Lineman Zane Gray, Serviceman Dave Dunn, Journeyman Lineman Ethan Dewitt, Apprentice Lineman Cody Kirkpatrick, Journeyman Lineman Jeff Houser, Journeyman Lineman Marc Gaerte, Line Foreman Doug Eggl, Journeyman Lineman Rob Coil and Journeyman Lineman Jerry Garcia.

Eggl is holding the Certificate of Safety Achievement recently awarded for the 33rd consecutive year to the cooperative from the Indiana Electric Cooperatives’ Job Training and Safety Department and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Rural Electric Safety Accreditation Program (RESAP).