Safety night program given to first responders

Posted on Aug 24 2017 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Safety is Kankakee Valley REMC’s number one priority. Just as we provide our employees with electrical safety training, we also do our part in making sure the community is safe.

We invited area firefighters, police and emergency management services personnel to the cooperative to take part in the first Emergency Personnel Appreciation Night on Aug. 10

“First responders don’t do what they do for the recognition or praise. They do it because helping others is their passion. Often times, ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem like enough. But for all they do in serving our communities and keeping us safe, we say, ‘thank you,’” said Dave Howell, member services at the cooperative.

This night was to honor and recognize the important role first responders play in keeping our community safe. The night featured dinner and a high voltage safety demonstration, conducted by the cooperative linemen.

This demonstration educated and reminded first responders of the dangers of electricity when arriving upon an accident scene or a fire. Using our high voltage safety demonstration trailer, we showed what happens when an individual encounters a power line.

The trailer features all the same poles, transformers and hardware found out on our service territory, allowing for the truest to life demo.