‘Ringing Everyone a Merry Christmas’

Your smorgasbord of nostalgic REMC Christmas records and MORE!

Posted on Nov 28 2016 in Features, General

Revisit the REMC “Ringing Everyone a Merry Christmas” gift records from the 1960s. These 45 rpm records were distributed by Indiana electric co-ops each holiday season from 1964-68 and in 1970. They told sweet tales of farm kids anticipating Christmas, taking sleigh rides into the woods, and meeting Santa and elves and learning about the special gift of electricity. A wacky edit of just the jingle, featuring electric co-op mascot Willie Wiredhand, is also available.

In addition, a video featuring the Electric Consumer’s Christmas ornament contest winners, 1996-2005, is also available. You’ll also find a variety of kids’ crafts and other videos we’ve posted over the years. Check out the menu below, then click, click, click the links, and be whisked away to Christmases past.