Renewable energy options

Posted on Apr 05 2023 in Boone REMC

Boone REMC members can choose these environmentally conscious options:

  • Our EnviroWatts Green Power Rate provides members with an option to support alternative energy by paying $0.015 cents more per kilowatt-hour in addition to our standard rate. The premium charged for EnviroWatts helps fund the promotion of renewable sources such as landfill gas and wind. Participation may be limited at the discretion of our wholesale power provider and available resources. (Residential members only.)
  • Co-op Solar is a community solar program through which members can purchase blocks of solar power. There‚Äôs no equipment to purchase or maintain and nothing to install. Each block, which is estimated to produce an average of 43 kilowatt-hours per month, costs an additional $0.42 per month. (Residential members only.)
  • Net Metering is available for members with distributed generation resources. If these resources produce excess energy, it is added to a bank of kilowatt-hours for the account; the bank can be used in future billing periods to offset the energy that would have to be otherwise purchased. Net metering applies only to avoided power purchases from and transmission through the bulk power system. Energy delivery charges are still applicable for all energy delivered to the service location. 

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