Reminder: Sign up for budget billing

Posted on Apr 15 2024 in Dubois REC

The budget billing program offered by Dubois REC is a method of equalizing electric bill payments over a one-year period. 

The program is an equalization of the payment for the member’s convenience, with 11 months payment being the same. Budget billing does not reduce the annual cost of electricity and is for residential accounts only. 

The plan starts with the bill sent in June. The bill for May of the following year is adjusted for the difference between charges and actual use. If a balance is due on the May billing, the entire amount is due at that time. If there is a credit balance on the May billing, no payment is due. 

Members must reside in our service area for at least 12 months to be eligible for this program. 

If you are interested in the budget billing program, call Debbie at 812-482-5454 and give your name and account number or drop us a note. We will contact you by letter and provide you with the details of the program. Deadline for budget billing applications is April 14.