REMC starts building fiber optics system

Posted on Sep 03 2021 in Steuben County REMC
Fiber optic cable

Broadband internet is finally coming to northeastern Indiana thanks to the efforts of Steuben County REMC.

In early June, the REMC placed its first fiber distribution hut at the Orland substation, north of Miller Poultry on State Road 327. The hut — which is similar to an electric substation — will hold the equipment necessary to bring fiber service to REMC members like you. 

“This new broadband service will be a big challenge, but as our membership has come to expect, helping improve the quality of life for everyone in the region will continue to be our priority,” said Kevin Keiser, CEO of Steuben County REMC. The REMC began its foray into broadband in 2020 after purchasing the Steuben County Fiber Network. Oriiginally known as IMAN, the fiber optics non-profit was developed by the Steuben County Community Foundation. 

Fiber roll out phases

Additional fiber huts will be added as the REMC fiber system is built out in four phases. The phases, which move in a clockwise rotation around the county, are:

  1. Construction in the Orland, West Otter, Salem and Hudson areas will begin this fall. Fiber-to-the-home installation will follow later this year.
  2. Work in the Nevada Mills area, which includes parts of Lake James and Crooked Lake, will start in early 2022.
  3. Work in the North-Central-West Angola and Fremont area will begin in 2023.
  4. Work in the final phase covers southeastern Angola, Hamilton, Ashley and Waterloo and will be completed in 2024. Package pricing is still to be determined. Plans are expected to start at $50 and include speeds up to 10 times faster than anything currently available in the region today.

Five stages of broadband “make ready” construction

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