REMC helps local company make energy-efficient changes

Posted on Oct 26 2018 in Noble REMC

Noble REMC Energy Advisor Brian Hawk, right, presents J.T. Munk, QSI Automation vice president, with a POWER MOVES rebate check of $1,300 for the purchase of a variable-frequency drive compressor with a no-loss condensate drain at its Albion location. They’re standing in front of current construction of an expansion at QSI’s Merriam facility, which will also benefit from the POWER MOVES program upon its completion.

QSI Automation isn’t a stranger to Noble REMC’s POWER MOVES® program.

Founded in 1988, the custom design and machining business has taken advantage of the energy-efficiency rebate program multiple times in the past, including recently receiving a $1,300 check to purchase a variable-frequency drive compressor with a no-loss condensate drain at its Albion location.

But soon, the completion of an expansion to its Merriam facility will result in an even larger rebate after the company revised its blueprints to be more energy efficient.

When Noble REMC Energy Advisor Brian Hawk learned of QSI’s planned addition, he set up a meeting with POWER MOVES Energy Engineer Mary Miller to discuss recommendations for energy efficiency in heating and cooling, as well as available rebates through the program. Happy with the information she provided him, QSI Vice President J.T. Munk asked about potential future savings with other energy efficient measures. Miller quickly laid out the business’ options in saving both energy and money over time through LED lighting and more energy-efficient air conditioning, impressing both Munk and Hawk with its extensiveness.

It was a no-brainer to invest a bit more money now on an energy-efficient system to receive both the initial lump sum rebate, as well as future savings over the life of the equipment, Hawk said.

Having planned to expand over the past few years, Munk said the 16,000-square-foot addition will house molding machines, part of QSI’s automation and restoration work, and he’s excited about the opportunity to save money through the installation of energy-efficient lighting, as well as a heating and cooling system.

The POWER MOVES rebate check is nice too.