Redlin embarks on next adventure

Posted on Jul 26 2019 in Kankakee Valley REMC

A cooperative’s success is due in part to those who make tough decisions for the good of the organization.  At Kankakee Valley REMC, those decision-makers are the seven board members who represent the co-op’s 18,000 member-consumers. Since these decision-makers are members, owners and customers just like you, what they decide impacts them as well. 

For 31 years, Kenny Redlin served as part of that team of directors. On Aug. 1, he started on his next adventure: retirement.   

Redlin’s career with the board began when he answered a phone call from a fellow member who was serving on the board of directors nominating committee.  “I had no idea what serving on the board would require but thought I would give it a try,” Redlin said.  That decision landed him 11 consecutive three-year terms on the board.  “I have enjoyed every year served,” he said. 

While on the board, Redlin was involved in such decisions as approving the annual budget, evaluating rates to ensure the REMC remained financially sound, and developing and reviewing polices to maintain fair operations at the REMC.  During his tenure, he served as secretary/treasurer and vice president. Redlin, a believer in continuing education, received a Credentialed Cooperative Director designation and a Board Leadership Certification through the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. 

Redlin supported many advancements during his years, such as the new headquarters construction, the transition from manually read meters to an automated meter system, and other technology changes.  The member-consumers were always at the core of those decisions. “As a director, we make the member-consumers our priority.  We not only represent the membership, but our job is to meet their needs,” Redlin said. “The entire board takes that responsibility seriously.  I appreciated the opportunity to serve with a great team.” 

“It has been an honor to work with such a dedicated director. His contributions throughout the years were a testimony to the core value of our organization, which is improving the quality of life for the membership and their communities,” KV REMC Board President Otto Werner said. “I have enjoyed working with Kenny and have appreciated his leadership through the years.” 

We wish Kenny and his wife, Linda, health and happiness in their retirement.