Mexican Chicken Spaghetti

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Mexican Chicken Spaghetti

½ stick butter

1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast

½ medium onion, chopped

½ bell pepper, chopped

½ lb. spaghetti

1 (10 oz.) can mild diced tomatoes and green chiles (regular or hot)

1 (10 ¾ oz.) can cream of chicken soup

½ lb. pasteurized processed cheese (regular or Mexican)

Salt and pepper to taste

In a large frying pan, melt the butter. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces and saute in the butter. 

When no longer pink inside add the chopped onions and chopped bell pepper and cook about 2 minutes. 

Boil spaghetti in a large pan of water. Cook according to the package. Drain the pasta after cooked and discard the water. Do not rinse. Set cooked pasta aside. 

Add the tomatoes, soup, and spaghetti to the sautéed chicken, onion and green pepper mixture and gently fold.

Add the cheese and stir together, mixing well. Add salt and pepper to your taste. Heat until cheese is thoroughly melted. Makes 4 servings.

Cook’s Note: I like to use half regular and half Mexican cheese. I’ve made this adding a can of cream of mushroom soup as well as the cream of chicken. (Makes it creamier)

Recipe courtesy of Kayla Knepp, Montgomery, Indiana