Blended Coffee

Posted on Feb 26 2021 in
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Blended Coffee

1½ cups (12 oz.) very strong coffee or espresso, chilled

8 oz. whole milk or more to taste

1 t. vanilla extract

⅓ cup sweetened condensed milk

Whipped cream

Add all ingredients into a blender. Fill the blender halfway up with ice for a slushier drink or all the way up for a thick concoction. Blend until it’s nice and smooth, and the ice is totally broken up. Pour into a cup and top with

whipped cream.

Varaiations: Mocha: Add ⅛ cup (or more) chocolate syrup

Chocolate Chip Coffee: Add ¼ cup (or more) chocolate chips to the blender and blend until the chocolate chips are broken up.

Recipe courtesy of Lesley Skiles, Bringhurst, Indiana