Ready for Some Football?

Make your own football figure

Posted on Feb 12 2012 in Kids Projects

footballFeatureFootball season kicks off soon on the professional and college levels. To celebrate, we draw your attention to a popular craft project we first ran in the February 2012 issue — when Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl.

It’s a craft pattern to color, cut out and assemble your own movable cardboard “action figure.” An adult or an older sibling can help you cut out and assemble the player after you’ve suited him up in the uniform of your favorite team. Then he’ll be ready to take the field or decorate your room.

Download the PDF pattern below and print off as many copies as you need to field an entire team, or teams!  Instructions are included with the PDF. Below, you can find links to your favorite team’s uniform designs and color schemes, roster, player numbers and more to help you. A second PDF also is available if you just want to color the player in your favorite team’s uniform. At right is an example of two figures we created with the pattern.

What you’ll need:
•Crayons, colored pencils or colored markers
•Scissors or a craft razor knife
•7×11-inch piece of cardboard that can be easily cut
(something like a cereal box will do)
•Paste, glue stick or spray-on adhesive
•Awl or nail starter (to poke a small hole through cardboard)
•Plain mini scrapbooking brads or small prong paper fasteners

Have fun!

Download these PDFs:

Football Player Craft

Football Player Coloring Page

Click here to go to a YouTube video that shows you how to assemble this craft!

Links to website where you’ll find info about the NFL and teams: