Ravenous rodent raises electric bill

Posted on Mar 01 2017 in Kankakee Valley REMC

KVREMC Energy Advisor Darrell Marks perfoms an energy assessment for a member. Energy assessments are free to members of the cooperative and can pinpoint areas in which members can find energy savings.

It is not uncommon for us to receive calls from our members with questions regarding why their electric bill would suddenly jump above its normal monthly amount. They typically don’t believe they are using more power, as nothing had changed over the past month. Recently, we received just such a call.

This was a case for our power detective — KVREMC Energy Advisor Darrell Marks. He visited the member’s home, trying to find the mystery behind the higher bills. Marks noticed that the member’s hot tub was showing it was on, but it wasn’t. He traced the power line from the circuit breaker to the hot tub and discovered a hungry mouse had chewed through a wire. That created a short circuit which kept the meter spinning even though the appliance was off. Once the wire was fixed, the bills went back to normal.

For the past eight years, Marks has helped members throughout our area improve their home’s comfort while reducing the amount of energy they use. Sometimes, the problem is as strange as a ravenous rodent. More often, it’s a home that isn’t as energy efficient as it could be.

When Marks examines a home, he performs an energy assessment that examines the entire envelope of the home. He’ll use specialized equipment like an infrared camera and a whole-house blower door to pinpoint areas where cold air is causing costly drafts. He finishes the assessment by sending the member a report that explains exactly what needs to be done to solve the problem. Often, its an inexpensive fix that can result in big savings.

The best thing about our energy advisor’s services? They won’t cost you a dime. As a non-profit cooperative, we don’t want members like you to pay a penny more than you need to for your energy needs. The less energy our members need, the less we need to buy. That’s easier on everyone’s budget, and easier on our environment, too.

If your electric bill seems high, and you’d like to know why, call us at 800-552-2622 and ask for a free energy assessment. We’ll send Marks, “the energy detective,” out to make sure you’re not spending more on energy than you should be — whether that’s because of inadequate insulation or a ravenous rodent!