Protecting your home appliances and devices

Posted on Mar 03 2021 in Decatur County REMC
TESCO surge protector

Protecting our household electronics is more important than ever.  Between e-learning, virtual meetings, smart thermostats and appliances, and electric vehicles our lives have become dependent on technology.  

Most of us have power strips throughout our homes to help protect our appliances and devices, however adequate surge protection requires more than a power strip.  

What Causes Power Surges?

First, it is important to understand what causes a power surge.  A power surge may last for only a few millionths of a second, but at its worst, it carries tens of thousands of volts, enough to fry circuit boards, crash hard drives, and ruin home-entertainment systems.

Lightning-induced surges are the most powerful and most feared: A 200,000-amp jolt crashing through a power line will burn standard 20-amp wiring like a lightbulb filament. Far more common, if not as dramatic, are surges caused by downed power lines or outages, or even sudden changes in electricity use.  In fact, most power surges are very short (transient) and come from a home’s appliances, including motors in air conditioners.

The damage inflicted by these minor power fluctuations can be instantaneous — but may not show up for some time. You may not notice any damage immediately, but then a few weeks later your microwave stops working.

Whole Home Surge Protector

Whole-home surge protectors are an additional step in protecting your precious (and expensive) appliances and devices in your home in addition to power strips or other surge protective devices.  

Did you know that as a valued member of Decatur County REMC, you have special access to whole-home surge protection?  Members can purchase the TESCO 240 whole-home surge protector and a DCREMC trained professional will install the unit.  

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