Product Recalls — November

Posted on Oct 25 2018 in Product Recalls

As a service to our readers and to promote electrical safety, here are some recent recall notices provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Visit for full details of these recalls and for notices of many more.


1. IKEA ceiling lamps pose impact and laceration hazards 

 IKEA has recalled its CALYPSO ceiling lamps. The glass shade on the ceiling lamp can detach and fall, posing impact and laceration hazards to consumers. The recall involves lamp units with manufacturing date codes between 1625 and 1744. The manufacturing date code is printed on a sticker on the lightbulb socket base plate. Please use caution when removing the lamp shade to see the sticker and code. 

Call 888-966-4532, or go online at and click on “Press Room” at the bottom of the page, then on “Product Recalls” at the top of the page for more information. 

2. Life Fitness recalls PowerMill Climber due to fire hazard 

Life Fitness has recalled its PowerMill climbers (models PMA, PFB, PMD, PFD, PMH, and PFH). The model letters appear at the front of the serial number on the bottom right of the unit, on the inside of the “step-up” support. The climbers were manufactured and distributed from 2014 through 2018. Electrical arcing can occur if liquid enters the power receptacle at the front of the climbers, resulting in sparking and smoking, posing a fire hazard. 

Call 877-423-3253, email at, or go online at for more information. 



3. Provata Health promotional activity trackers can cause burns 

Provata Health has recalled its promotional activity fitness tracker. The wristbands were given to consumers as a promotional giveaway and feature a digital display, a charging terminal and a heart rate and step detector with Bluetooth technology. They were distributed in three colors: black, blue or mint green. The packaging displays the word “Provata” and “Activity Tracker [color]” printed on the front cover. The activity tracker wristband can overheat while the user is wearing it or when charging, posing a burn hazard. 

Call 888-343-9820, or go online at and click on “Recall” at the top of the page for more information. 

4. Stinger insect zappers recalled due to shock hazard 

Kaz has recalled its Stinger BK series Insect Zapper electric insect/mosquito zapper including the Stinger Insect Zapper (Model BK 110v3), the Stinger 3-in-1 Insect Zapper (Model BK310v3) and the Stinger 5-in-1 Insect & Mosquito Zapper (Model BK510v3). The recalled models have codes ending in YTG and “Made in China” printed on the silver label on the bottom of the product. The insect kill grid can detach inside the housing, posing a shock hazard. 

Call 888-480-2880, or go online at or at and click on “Recall Notice” for more information.