Presenting the 2024 KREMC board of directors candidates

Vote with confidence at the Annual Meeting

Posted on May 25 2024 in Kosciusko REMC


You will receive your ballot for this year’s election as a postcard in the mail. It will NOT come in the Indiana Connection magazine. When your ballot arrives in the mail, keep it in a safe place until the Annual Meeting. We encourage you to bring your ballot and cast your vote on June 13 at the drive-through Annual Meeting. You will be able to drop your ballot off in the KREMC front lobby the day before the Annual Meeting. However, if you choose to bring your ballot in the day before, you WILL NOT receive the bill credit or member gift. Members can only receive those gifts at the drive-through meeting.

There are three seats available in this year’s election. Two seats have incumbent directors running. The third seat is opening due to retirement, and three candidates are running for that seat. Here are the seats and their corresponding director candidates:

  1. Steve Miner (i) VS. Jill Shock
  1. Rick Parker (i) VS. Tony Siebeneck
    Gabe Ayers VS. Tyler Bouse VS. Don (DJ) Fouce


Steve Miner, Pierceton

Miner is a graduate of Whitko High School and is the owner and operator of Miner Stock Farm. He has sat on the KREMC board of directors for 37 years.

In the community: Miner currently sits on the Indiana Electric Cooperatives board, the Kosciusko REMC board, and is a past pork producer director.

Family: Miner and his wife, Sandy, have two children and four grandchildren.

Why are you interested in running for the KREMC board of directors?

I’m interested in running for the KREMC board because I’ve seen the critical role it plays in our community through my years of dedicated service. My connection to the agricultural sector gives me a keen insight into the unique needs and challenges of one of KREMC’s largest member groups. I’m passionate about advancing sustainable and innovative energy solutions, ensuring financial responsibility, and strengthening member engagement and education. I believe my perspective and commitment can contribute to KREMC’s mission of providing reliable, cost-effective service while exploring opportunities for growth and improvement.

Jill Shock, Pierceton

Shock is a graduate of Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne, where she earned an associate degree in early childhood education and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She also earned a master’s degree in elementary reading and literacy from Walden University.

Shock retired in 2022 from Wawasee Schools as a classroom teacher for 22 years. She is currently a substitute teacher and an owner and operator of Lakeview Farms (cattle and crops.)

In the community: Shock is a past 4-H volunteer and extension homemaker. She is currently a small group leader and Kids Cove volunteer at the North Webster Church of God, a member of the Kosciusko Co. Cattlemen’s Association, and a member of the Kosciusko Co. Soil and Water District.

Family: Shock and her husband, Doug, have three children and six grandchildren.

Why are you interested in running for the KREMC board of directors?

I believe that I have leadership experience that would be beneficial to the KREMC Board of Directors. I was a 10-year 4-H member, and I held roles in leadership. While a Junior Leader I attended many conferences and conventions, the very best being the REMC Washington D.C. Youth Tour. I am so proud that I was given that opportunity, and I love seeing that it continues for the youth of tomorrow.

I was also active in FFA which provided me many opportunities for leadership activities and held different offices. I have also volunteered as a district FFA judge for leadership contests.

Another leadership experience was my 22 years in education which included leading my students in their classroom education, as well as fellow teachers at times through Professional Development activities. I believe that I can offer my talents and experiences to work with the other board members to lead KREMC into the future.

I am very interested in this opportunity to give back as I have changed my focus from a full-time educator to looking for ways to volunteer in our community. Running for the KREMC Board of Directors would allow for this. Thank you for your consideration.

Rick Parker, Claypool

Parker is a graduate of Akron High School. He is an owner and operator of Parker and Sons Equipment.

In the community: Parker is a member of Warsaw Community Church and has sat on the KREMC board of directors for 16 years. He is also chairman of Farm Service Agency’s County committee.

Family: Parker and his wife, Jill, have four children and 13 grandchildren.

Why are you interested in running for the KREMC board of directors?

My desire is to positively affect those around me through community service. Over the last 16 years, I have been very impressed with the positive performance of operations at KREMC and now Kosciusko Connect. I hope to bring conservative input to the board, formed largely through running our own business, as we strive to continue to bring safe and reliable electricity to our members at the lowest rates in Indiana and the Midwest.

Tony Siebeneck, Warsaw

Siebeneck is a graduate of Ottawa Glandorf High School. He earned an associate degree in electrical engineering from Owens Community College and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Toledo.

He has worked at Anika Therapeutics for the past two years, managing new product development projects. Prior to that, Siebeneck was at Network Partners for three years working on medical device labeling. Before that, he worked at Biomet and Zimmer Biomet for 16 years as a development engineering manager.

In the community: Siebeneck volunteers as a youth sports coach and with Habitat for Humanity. He also works to provide simple home automation solutions to senior shut-ins.

Family: Siebeneck and his wife, Susie, have two children.

Why are you interested in running for the KREMC board of directors?

An interest in running for the board of directors stems from a combination of community engagement and its opportunities to contribute to positive change for KREMC, its members, and the county. My professional career is focused around bringing different groups of people together to achieve a common goal. That experience has instilled the importance of listening over acting. It will be through listening to our co-op members and KREMC employees that will assure we abide by KREMC’s goals and mission, and make a lasting impact.

Gabe Ayers, Warsaw

Ayers graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics. He is co-owner and vice president of Clunette Elevator.

In the community: Ayers is currently on the 4-H Beef committee, 4-H Council, and the Stoney Point Cemetery Board. He is a member of Clunette United Methodist Church and is a past chair and committee member for the Agribusiness Council of Indiana.

Family: Ayers and his wife, Jessica, have two children.

Why are you interested in running for the KREMC board of directors?

I love to serve. My current job is serving farmers and Ag business to achieve more with less. I love to be challenged to become more efficient and make my customers more profitable. I have served on boards in the past and feel I can bring value to the members through my experience and drive.

Tyler Bouse, Claypool

Bouse graduated from Warsaw High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural systems management from Purdue University.

Bouse is currently a key accounts manager for national seed distribution for AgReliant Genetics. He also owns Bouse Farms, LLC.

In the community: A member of Warsaw Community Church, Bouse is a past president of the Kosciusko County Extension 4-H council, and currently sits on their executive committee. He is president of the Kosciusko County Pork Producers, and a member of the Kosciusko Co. Ag Tech Park board.

Family: Bouse and his wife, Missy, have three children.

Why are you interested in running for the KREMC board of directors?

My family has been involved with KREMC for 25 years, and I would like to carry on the commitment to the KREMC Cooperative. It has always been extremely important to me to provide input in areas I can provide impact in the Kosciusko community. Providing services and support to a community are the true spirit of a cooperative. My KREMC membership includes residential, commercial, and Kosciusko Connect services. This membership experience will allow me to build on the KREMC cooperative legacy of providing leading edge services, safe work environment, and giving back to the local community. I live by the words of my dad: “Put faith first, work hard, respect yourself, and above all respect those around you.” The community that we live and work in today is far different than 10 years ago. I look forward to the opportunity to change and grow in the Kosciusko Community through the KREMC Board of Directors.

Don (DJ) Fouce, Claypool

Fouce graduated from Whitko High School. He is the owner and operator of Fouce Landscaping. Prior to operating Fouce Landscaping, he worked with the Municipalities of Florida, IBEW, and the City of Warsaw.

In the community: Fouce is an active member and ambassador with the Chamber of Commerce, member of the Builder’s Association, and active with community trash pick-up. He sponsors various local youth sports teams and is creating a foundation with Fouce Landscaping to help clean up properties of the sick and elderly.

Family: Fouce and his wife, Morgan, have one child.

Why are you interested in running for the KREMC board of directors?

I am running for a KREMC board seat with a passion fueled by my diverse professional background and a desire to advocate for my community. Having previously worked hands-on in the electrical industry, I possess a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in providing reliable and efficient electrical services. This firsthand experience equips me with invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing KREMC and its stakeholders. Moreover, as the owner of a landscape company, I encounter KREMC utilities buried underground on a daily basis. This unique perspective grants me a holistic understanding of the practical implications and complexities of utility management, ensuring that I can effectively address pertinent issues that impact both the community and the utility provider. My candidacy is driven by a commitment to amplifying the voices of contractors operating in the field. I recognize the importance of representing their perspectives and advocating for policies that foster collaboration, innovation, and mutual success. By leveraging my diverse skill set and industry experience, I am dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and sustainability within KREMC. As a board member, I will work tirelessly to uphold the values of integrity and service, prioritizing the needs of our community while advancing the mission of KREMC to deliver reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity to all members. Together, we can build a brighter future for Kosciusko County, one empowered by inclusive decision-making and forward-thinking leadership.