Prepaying for electricity curbs consumption

Posted on Aug 28 2018 in Clark County REMC

David A. Vince

Take a minute to think about your car. In order to get from point A to point B you have to put gas in it. Your car lets you know when your gas tank is running low by a gauge on your dashboard. Let’s say you put $20 of gasoline in your tank. That might get you, depending on your vehicle, quite a few miles down the road. Clark County REMC’s Prepaid Electric Service works the same as putting gas in your car. You pay for your electricity up front and you decide how and when to use it.

If you haven’t checked out our prepaid electric service yet, now is the time. Members who prepay for electricity reduce their consumption by an average of 10 percent. They love the service for the increased control over energy costs and budget, and for eliminating monthly bill surprises. With Prepaid Electric Service, there are no security deposits or late fees. And, instead of a monthly billing statement, your use and balance are calculated daily.

Prepaid Electric Service is also a great way to do away with past due notices, since there aren’t any! To make it even easier, you can track your use by phone or online using SmartHub.

If this sounds like it would work for your family, call one of our member service specialists at 812-246-3316 or stop by the office. The service is voluntary and is available to new and existing members.

Find out more about Prepaid Electric Service on page 6.

General Manager