Preparing for the future

Posted on Dec 18 2023 in Clark County REMC
Jason Clemmons

In December, we are reminded of what matters most. For many of us, that means family and friends. Others will focus on the memories of loved ones lost and of good times gone by. Here at REMC, we also carve out time to examine our priorities and plan for the future. That includes keeping our members informed about decisions we make.

I mentioned last month that we would talk about some of the reasons for the rising prices in our industry.

The first one is aging infrastructure. The poles, wires, transformers and other equipment that we purchase and install are expensive, but they’re also made to last. Modern utility poles will last around 30 years before they’ll need to be replaced, but we have plenty in our system that have lasted for 50 years or longer. Other equipment may only last a decade or two, or may become obsolete as safer, more advanced options are created. To make sure your electric service is reliable and ready for the future, we have to keep our system in good shape.

That is precisely the case with our metering system, which is at the end of its usable life. To avoid equipment failure and costly maintenance of an aged system, we will be replacing all 28,000 electric meters over the next couple of years. This new system comes with several advantages. Faster outage reporting will lead to shorter outage times. Remote communication will help us know what’s going on in the system even during a storm. And more data from these new meters will give you, the consumer, more information to make smart energy choices for you and your family.

We’re doing all we can to keep your electric rates stable while also preparing for a future that is full of change and opportunity. But whatever comes, we will keep our priorities in the right place. Because our priority is you.