Preparing for director elections

Posted on Oct 19 2016 in Harrison REMC

ballot-boxBeing an electric cooperative member offers a unique opportunity to be part of the decision-making process in business. Because Harrison REMC is a cooperative, it is owned by its members. That means members are responsible for electing other members to take the leadership positions on the board of directors to help shape business decisions for the company.

Each year, Harrison REMC holds an annual meeting and encourages members to attend and vote for the directors of their choice. A nomination process must occur before the annual meeting. Members interested in being a board candidate should review the many responsibilities required of the position.

The board of directors is a legal body in which both Harrison REMC members and the government are held accountable for the actions of the cooperative. Directors are expected to attend all special and regular board meetings, committee meetings and the annual meeting. Directors should also attempt to attend one National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) meeting or director’s conference every year.  Directors are expected to complete their NRECA Credentialed Cooperative Director’s Certificate during their first two terms of office. Directors receive a fee for meeting attendance and are reimbursed for all reasonable expenses for attending cooperative business meetings.

It is possible for directors to spend more than 25 days each year for REMC business. REMC directors are expected to read and be familiar with information and financial reports from the cooperative, or other national and state associations. Directors are elected to represent a specific district, but are responsible for decisions affecting the entire membership.  Directors should possess the interpersonal skills to work in harmony with the whole board and have the self confidence and communication skills to express their opinion or disagreement with other directors.

Harrison REMC directors are members of the cooperative and pay monthly electric bills like other Harrison REMC members. They do not receive discounted power and their bills are not subsidized. The directors of Harrison REMC are equally as interested as other members in system reliability and the most economical operation of the cooperative. The directors of Harrison REMC are typically elected for their business sense and level of respect within the community.

Director elections are open to all members. The following districts will be up for election at the 2017 REMC annual meeting.

  • District 4: Franklin Township in Harrison and Floyd counties.
  • District 5: Posey and Taylor townships in Harrison County.
  • District 7: Jackson and Spencer townships in Harrison County; Jennings Township in Crawford County.

The REMC bylaws outline the specific nomination and election process along with the specific qualifications required to be an REMC director. The election process and by-law information is shown on the REMC website at

Stay tuned! Next month’s Electric Consumer will outline the nomination and election process in detail and list director qualifications.