Prepare your heating system for the cold

Posted on Aug 25 2021 in Features, Heartland REMC
HVAC unit

Just as you tune up your car for the winter, you also need to tune up your heating system for the cold weather. Here are some things you can do to ensure your comfort and safety this winter. 

Have a professional check out your furnace to ensure its safety, especially if you use gas, propane or other fuels that produce combustion gases. These gases must be safely vented from your home.

A professional can also do a thorough check of your heat pump to ensure it’s working properly, lubricate moving parts and check safety controls.

Check the filter and change it monthly. Whether you have a heat pump or a forced air system, the filter’s cleanliness directly affects your system’s efficiency.

Vacuum registers and air returns, and make sure none are blocked by drapes or furniture. Continue vacuuming monthly during the heating season. Dust or vacuum electric resistance units to keep them clean.

Radiators may have to be “bled” to release air trapped in the system.

Set your thermostat to the temperature required to keep your home comfortable — and leave it there! Try adjusting it by a degree at a time if your home seems too cool.

If you have a programmable thermostat, set if for the heating needs of your home and family, considering times when your home is unoccupied or when you’re sleeping. 

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