PowerShift consider these energy-saving programs this spring

Posted on Apr 03 2024 in Marshall County REMC


When everyone’s using electricity during the hottest days of the year, wholesale power supply costs can go up, and that can eventually cause higher costs for everyone.

When you enroll in the PowerShift® Wi-Fi Thermostat Program, you agree to allow brief, small adjustments to your residential thermostat during times of peak electric demand.

You will receive a $50 bill credit from Marshall County REMC when you enroll. You will help preserve natural resources, delay the need for new power plants, and lower electric costs for everyone.

Visit powermoves.com/powershift to sign up.


You can help hold down the cost of electricity by managing energy consumption with a load control switch. Energy management reduces the amount of electricity used in your home during peak periods (when it is the most expensive to generate). When periods of peak demand occur, Marshall County REMC can automatically signal your water heater and central air conditioner/heat pump cooling unit to reduce energy consumption for short periods of time.

There is no cost to you for the installation of the switch. The switch only operates for short periods of time, so you should not experience any loss of hot water or temperature change in your home during a “peak” event.

Please contact the Marshall County REMC office at 574-936-3161 for more information.

*Members can participate in only one of the above programs. Please contact the REMC office for questions.