Powering the co-op community

One ray at a time

What is OUrSolar?

OurSolar is a new initiative from Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative. We have installed a brand-new solar array, and the renewable energy produced by it is being added to our overall energy mix.

John Saxton, PPEC chairman of the board (left), and George Carter, PPEC president/CEO, stand together at the ground-breaking OurSolar ceremony on Nov. 15. Members will be able to purchase panel subscriptions for a net cost of less than $2 per month per panel once the solar array is completed.

PPEC values economically viable sources of renewable energy. OurSolar is one of the most affordable renewable energy sources available. By grouping solar panels together, costs can be shared among all members.

OurSolar reflects PPEC’s balanced approach to energy production. Coal-fired generation will continue to make up the bulk of PPEC’s energy mix, but OurSolar allows the cooperative to add locally-produced renewable energy to supplement our fossil fuel base-load generation — without a substantial increase in cost for our members.


Rooftop solar is expensive. Really expensive.

Not only does it require tens of thousands in up-front costs, but it also involves ongoing maintenance, which is neither cheap nor easy.

OurSolar gives all members an opportunity to benefit from this clean energy source because it’s built and maintained at a central location by experts in the field.

This eliminates common barriers that prevent people from installing solar panels on their property, such as trees, roof size, and house location.

We don’t think renewable energy should be a luxury. Instead, it should be affordable to everyone and able to benefit everyone. That’s why we’re taking on this effort together.

The cost?

For members wishing to participate, the net cost is less than $2 per month per panel. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that. There is a limit of 10 panels per member.

Typically, one panel would produce 31.25 kWh based on a 12-month average, and the OurSolar rate is .09422 cents per kWh, which would be locked in for the duration of the contract. Full details are posted at www.PPEC.coop.

Where is it?

PPEC’s OurSolar array is located on Gasser Road, right next to Alex Products in Paulding, Ohio.

Production data from the solar array is available for anyone to view 24/7 at oursolar.coop/pauldingputnam.

Informational meetings regarding OurSolar will happen in late February and March. Watch our Facebook page and our website for upcoming OurSolar news!