Power into the new year and save!

Take advantage of incentives offered through Power moves®

If you have resolved to start the new year with a new water heater or heating and cooling system, your local electric cooperative can help!

Your co-op offers POWER MOVES® incentives, which provide rebates for energy efficiency upgrades that will also save you money over the life span of the equipment. Water heaters along with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that meet certain requirements and are installed in new homes or upgrading existing homes are eligible for the rebates!

Many consider upgrading their heating and cooling system or water heater only when it breaks down and needs to be replaced. Compared to models from five or more years ago, recent technology has greatly improved the efficiency of many heat pumps and water heaters. Doing a bit of research now can help you learn more about what model works best for your budget and situation — and you’d know how much money it could save you.

If your equipment is at least 10 years old, you should probably start doing some research on potential replacements. That way you are aware of the technological improvements that have occurred over the last decade, preparing you just in case your equipment fails. Informative resources include EnergyStar.gov, Consumer Reports, Green Building Advisor and Home Energy magazine.

Before making a purchasing decision, you are encouraged to contact your local electric cooperative to discuss your questions, available incentives and specific requirements for incentive eligibility. For more information, including rebate applications, visit www.PowerMoves.com/applications.