Power cost adjustment to be instituted in May

Posted on May 04 2022 in Kankakee Valley REMC

The last few years have been filled with challenges for many of us, including rising costs for goods and services. Kankakee Valley REMC’s power supplier Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA), faces increasing costs due to fuel price increases and supply-chain constraints. Additionally, unseasonably warmer weather has impacted energy sales which means WVPA hasn’t recovered all their energy supply costs.

WVPA is a not-for-profit, like Kankakee Valley REMC, so the increased cost of generating and transmitting electricity to over 325,000 members in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri must be recovered from its consumers. As a member of WVPA, Kankakee Valley REMC was notified in April that we will be affected by the increase. 

To recover the increase in the cost of power we purchase and distribute from WVPA, Kankakee Valley REMC will institute a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA). Since 2019, the PCA has been $0.000000.  Due to the abovementioned circumstances, a $.00532 per kWh PCA will be placed on your bill. The effect of the PCA, for the average member-consumers who use 980 kWh a month, the increase will be $5.21 per month. The PCA will begin on the electric bill you receive in May and continue until further notice. A PCA allows us to make a billing adjustment without changing our rate monthly, if necessary. 

Delivering reliable power at the lowest possible cost continues to be the mission of both KV REMC and WVPA. We are all working hard to manage expenses to continue to deliver on this mission. We encourage you to visit PowerMoves.com to learn ways you too can save energy and money.