Pop quiz time!

Posted on Jan 26 2018 in Fulton County REMC

Greg Bitterling, member services manager and energy advisor at Fulton County REMC, challenges you to test your energy knowledge.

  1. What number do you call before
    you dig?

a. 911
b. All your local utilities’ offices
c. 811
d. Your neighbors’ numbers to tell
them you will be doing some
digging and may need some help.

2. How many days before you dig should you call?

a. 5 days
b. 2 full working days
c. 1 month
d. Whenever you want. You’re going
to put off doing the job anyway!

3. If you use 1,000 watts for 1 hour, this equals what?

a. 1 kilowatt-hour
b. 1,000 watts
c. 100 kilowatt-hours
d. About 12 cents out of your pocket

4. What is a blower door test?

a. Test to determine how much wind
your door can stand up to
b. Test to determine how airtight
a home is and to find out where
potential leaks are in the home
c. Test to see how fast the wind is
d. A door that will blow all the dust
out of your home

5. What does GFCI stand for?

a. Ground-fault circuit interrupter
b. Ground-fault circuit inspector
c. Ground-fault circuit investigator
d. Get fast cash immediately

6. What does a GFCI protect?

a. Wires
b. Equipment
c. People
d. That white crusty stuff you get around a milk jug lid

7. What does a surge suppressor do?

a. Protects equipment from electrical
surges and spikes
b. Keeps water from coming into
basement when it rains
c. Keeps electric equipment running if
power goes out
d. Keeps children calm just before
opening Christmas presents

8. What percent of our total utility cost goes to heating and cooling our homes?

a. About 30 percent
b. About 50 percent
c. About 80 percent
d. Nothing. I don’t pay my utility bills.

9. Name two for the cheapest tools to save when heating and cooling your home.

a. Tube of caulk and can of spray
b. Brand new heating and cooling
c. Add insulation to attic and walls
d. Big coat in winter and lots of ice in

10. Select all of the following energy-
saving statements that are true.

a. Hot always goes too cold
b. Glass doesn’t leak
c. Electric-resistant heat is not cheap
d. Bones heal, and chicks dig the scares

Answers: 1=C • 2=B • 3=A
4=B • 5=A • 6=C • 7=A
8=B • 9=A • 10=A, B & C

Well, how did you do?

If you got 10 right, you are a TRUE MEGAWATTER and must have nothing better to do than read my articles!

If you got 8 to 9 right, you are a Megawatter in good standing.

If you got 6 to 7 right, you are a Megawatter in training.

If you got 4 to 5 right, you want to be Megawatter. (Keep trying!)

If you got 2 to 3 right, you really need to work on it.

If you got 0 to 1 right, you are probably my wife who does not care to read my articles because she has to listen to me babble on about this stuff all the time. (Just kidding, honey!)

Greg bitterling
Member Services Manager and
Energy Advisor at Fulton County REMC