Plug air leaks, save money

Posted on Aug 25 2021 in Features, Heartland REMC
Find the air leaks in your home and save!

Air leaks around the home can add 10 percent to your heating bill. Find the leaks in your house and plug them. Some places to look:

  • Windows. On a windy day, light a stick of incense and hold it near the window. If the smoke travels horizontally, your window is leaking. Seal, caulk or weather strip it.
  • Entry points for wiring. Check ceilings, floors and soffits over cabinets for tiny holes in the home’s exterior that were drilled to let wiring pass into the house.
  • Doors, dropped ceilings, recessed lights, attic entrances, still plates, water and furnace flues, and chimney flashing. Don’t overlook any place where cold air has an easy way to enter the house.
  • Ducts. They’re hidden in walls, floors and ceilings so you can’t see them. But holes in ducts can cost you a lot of money. Use electrical tape to repair and seal minor holes in your ducts. Call a professional for major repairs.