Please be aware of phone scams

Posted on Oct 04 2020 in Marshall County REMC
Scam graphic

Scammers will use every opportunity to try and scam people out of their money and personal information. The coronavirus pandemic has been no exception. Many of our members have reported scammers trying to get their credit card information because they overpaid on their bill and will get a credit. Another common approach, members must pay now, or their electric will be shut off. Scammers typically demand payment over the phone immediately to avoid service disruption.

If the person on the other side of the phone sounds like a scammer, he or she most likely is. Marshall County REMC will never demand a member make a payment a specific way and will give a timeframe for members to make a payment. Marshall County REMC does provide a courtesy call to members who are delinquent on their accounts to notify them they may be disconnected if payment is not received. 

If you are unsure, always hang up and call Marshall County REMC’s office directly at 574-936-3161.