Play safe this summer

Posted on Jun 27 2016 in Tipmont

July 2016 PIS - Power Line Safety - Half PageSubstations and power lines carry extremely high voltages, and if contact is accidentally made, the results can be dangerous — or even deadly.

Please be extra careful this summer if you are near electrical equipment maintained by the co-op.

First and foremost, never climb trees near power lines. If you make contact with a tree that is touching a power line, your body could become the path of electricity from the line to the ground. If you encounter an animal trapped in a tree near power lines or inside a substation, do not attempt to remove it — no matter how furry and cute! Call Tipmont at 800-726-3653 for assistance.

These days, we are seeing more remote-controlled toys, like drones and airplanes, which can be a great way to have fun outdoors. But these gadgets also bring new safety concerns. Remote-controlled toys should never be flown near power lines, substations or other electrical equipment.

Remember these safety tips when flying a remote-controlled toy:

  • Keep a safe distance from electrical equipment when you fly. If contact is accidentally made with a power line or a transformer inside a substation, many members of your community could be left without electricity.
  • Keep the remote-controlled toy in sight at all times.
  • Avoid flying if weather conditions are unfavorable. High winds could cause you to lose control of the remote-controlled toy.

We hope you will share the message of electrical safety so that you and others can enjoy plenty of summer days filled with fun!

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