Plant a tree this Arbor Day

Posted on Apr 03 2023 in Boone REMC, Features
Father and son planting a tree

Celebrate Arbor Day (April 28) by walking through a local park and admiring the foliage, attending an event in your area or planting a tree. If you’re thinking about adding a new tree to your yard, here are five tips to get you started.

Choose the right tree

Before you plant, you’ll want to consider what type of tree is best for your location. Think about whether you’re planting for aesthetics, privacy, shading or as a windbreak. You can try taking the “Tree Wizard” quiz at for a recommendation. 

Shade strategically

Plant deciduous trees on the south and southwest sides of your home to block heat from the sun in the summer. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall and winter, allowing sunlight to pass through and heat your home. Plant evergreen trees and shrubs on the north and northwest sides of your home to help provide shade year-round.

Leave space to sprout

Plan to plant trees an appropriate distance away from your home so they do not disrupt your foundation or roof as they grow. 

Avoid power lines

Trees that grow too close to electrical lines are a primary cause of momentary short circuits and flickering lights. Regardless of where you are, if you live near power lines, talk with your electric co-op about how far away trees should be from these lines before making any final planting decisions.

Call before you dig

Whatever you do decide to plant, call your local 811 call center at least five days ahead of starting your project — don’t assume that utility lines are buried deeper than you plan to dig.