Petite pots

Posted on Apr 01 2016 in For Youth, Kids Projects

Celebrate Earth Day by creating a seedling pot using a recycled toilet paper tube. Plant the pot as is. The tube, wrapping and string will eventually compost and will protect the roots in the meantime!

seedling pots craftWhat you need:

  • One recycled cardboard tube (at least 3 inches in height)
  • One square piece of brown packing paper (at least 6 by 6 inches). Recycled paper grocery bags can be used.
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds
  • One rubber band
  • One piece of string (at least 6 inches)
  • Water

What to do:

  • Place a cardboard tube vertically and in the center of a piece of brown packing paper.
  • Fill cardboard tube to just below the rim with soil or potting mix.
  • Scatter seeds thinly over the surface.
  • Check the seed packet for the recommended planting depth, and cover the seeds with the proper amount of mix.
  • Pull the brown paper up, leaving the tube secured in the center, and gather the brown paper.
  • Secure a rubber band around the cardboard tube and paper. Tightly knot a piece of string around the tube and remove rubber band.
  • Lightly moisten or mist the soil.
  • Keep soil moist until you are ready to plant the pot outdoors.

These pots are great for transporting seedlings to give to friends and family. You can even plant something special for Mother’s Day! If planting an existing flower or vegetable plant in your homemade pot, be careful not to break its roots.