Pet-proof your home

Posted on Nov 26 2019 in Harrison REMC
Cat and dog in holiday lights

Paws off! Keep your pets safe from electrical dangers: 

  • Make sure all plugs are inserted completely into their wall sockets. 
  • If your pet seems interested in electrical cords, check the cords frequently for signs of fraying and replace any damaged cords immediately. 
  • Appliances near sinks and bathtubs should only be plugged into outlets equipped with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection in case an electrical appliance is knocked into the water. 
  • Lamps with exposed bulbs can reach very high temperatures. Do not allow pets to play near lamps. If the lamp is knocked over, a fire could break out. 
  • Some pets, especially cats, will often seek out warm, secluded spots in the home. Do not allow your pet to hide or sleep behind your computer or TV equipment where numerous electrical connections are housed.