Paying your bill just got easier

Introducing our automated phone payment system

Posted on Sep 07 2021 in LaGrange County REMC
people paying bill

Introducing Lagrange County REMC’s newest way to save you time and money … our automated telephone payment system. The system gives our members the quickest payment options available. 

When you call our office, you will be able to choose to route your call to (1) report an outage, (2) make a payment and check your balance, or (3) speak with a customer service representative. If you select “Option 2” for payment and balance, you will be prompted to enter your account number, which can be found on your bill or on any text or email alerts that you receive.

Any payment method currently on file (checking or savings account, Visa or Mastercard), will still be available for you to choose in our automated system or you can enter new card information. Should you need to make a change to checking and saving account information, simply speak with a customer service representative or update the info online. Your newly entered information will be saved for future use.  

Contacting your Lagrange County REMC office is still as quick and easy as ever. Call our same toll-free number, 877-463-7165, and choose “Option 3.” A customer service representative at Lagrange County REMC will answer your call.

In fact, one advantage of the automated payment system is that it will help ensure a local representative is free to assist you with transfers of service, billing questions, new accounts, and account changes. This added system also ensures that our phone payment processes are staying up-to-date with the PCI compliance rules that apply to accepting consumer payments.

Lagrange County REMC is committed to providing you safe, reliable, affordable energy, services and solutions that improve the quality of life for our communities. Outstanding customer service and fiscal responsibility for our members are top priorities.

Our automated payment option is a quick, convenient way to pay your bill or check your balance information while reducing possible hold time, keeping payment processing fees at a minimum, and complying with payment regulations. We value our members and work proactively to provide the best experience for you!