Outage reporting tips

Do you know what to do if your power goes out?

Posted on May 25 2017 in Marshall County REMC

Before calling Marshall County REMC to report an outage, first check to see if your home’s circuit panel or fuse box hasn’t tripped or blown a fuse. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse, if needed.

Call your neighbors. If the power is out in your entire neighborhood, report the outage.

Turn off the HVAC, and unplug all unnecessary appliances and electrical equipment. When power is restored, turn on one item at a time. This is especially helpful to the linemen restoring power during extreme heat or cold, when demand is at its highest. We refer this as “cold load pickup.” If they restore power and there is a lot of demand on the line immediately, it may blow the fuse on the line again.

Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed. An unopen refrigerator keeps food cold for about four hours. A full freezer keeps food cool for about 48 hours.

To report an outage, call our outage call center 24/7 at 866-936-3161. Please make sure you have the phone number provided on your billing account so the outages can be reported easily if a customer service representative is not available. Members can also report an outage through our mobile app. Search “MREMC” in your app store to download the app free of charge.

In the case of a large power outage, updates will be given on our Facebook page. Make sure to “like” Marshall County REMC on Facebook to receive up-to-date information in your newsfeed.