Our focus is on you

Posted on Feb 20 2024 in Clark County REMC
Jason Clemmons

I have spent the last three months talking about many challenges electric utilities face, from rising prices to aging infrastructure to global instabilities. We have discussed new equipment, technologies, and strategies for meeting those challenges. But getting from here to a successful future won’t happen simply by making the right changes at the right time. We must also stick with what has worked for the last 85 years. Let me explain.

In the 1930s, electricity was widespread in the United States, but only in the cities. Big electric companies couldn’t make money by running power lines to a few farmhouses in the countryside. So, regular people got together and created electric cooperatives as not-for-profit utility companies that owned their power. Clark County REMC was formed in 1939 because everyday people chose to do the right thing and cared for their neighbors. Those values are still the heartbeat of Clark County REMC today.

Upgrading our meters to a more powerful and reliable system is important, but communicating those changes to you so you know what’s happening and why is crucial. Working to keep electricity prices affordable during this turbulent energy environment matters, but being responsible with our spending and annual budget is critical. Staying informed about renewable energy and other emerging technologies is valuable, but keeping your lights on and responding to power outages quickly and safely matters more than anything else.

Clark County REMC is committed to being the people and the company you trust, so even as we navigate changing times and an evolving future, know that our focus is still on you and your family.