Our focus in 2023

Posted on Feb 06 2023 in Decatur County REMC
Brett Abplanalp

One focus for the new year here at Decatur County REMC is member engagement.  Spending time with you and hearing your take on our community’s energy future is so important to us. In fact, it’s essential, because everything we do is shaped by the members of our community. 

As I’m sure you know, the energy industry is in the midst of massive change. Consumer needs and changing technology impact nearly every aspect of how we manage and deliver energy to your homes, schools and businesses. 

You may be wondering if your opinion really makes a difference. It does! Gaining guidance and perspective from our members and board helps set priorities for the co-op and guide future decisions. 

Our first member engagement event this year is Friday, Feb. 24, at 10 a.m. and is called Roundtable @ your REMC! I am excited to see you and hear your feedback on several topics we plan to discuss.

Perhaps you feel that you have nothing to add to the discussion, so there is no need to attend. However, every energy bill you pay to the co-op helps ensure better service and reliability for the whole community. Your dollars are reinvested locally into improvements that impact the reliability and affordability of your energy. Decatur County REMC wants to hear from you to better inform us of our decisions as we plan for the future. 

Just like your voice is heard when voting at the annual meeting, your feedback at member events like this is just as important. Speaking of the annual meeting, mark your calendar for the 2023 annual meeting on June 16 at the Decatur County Fairgrounds.

More details on how to run for a director seat, voting deadlines and the member event will be available over the next few months. We are all looking forward to a back-in-person event this year.

Our mission here at your electric cooperative is to provide reliable, affordable and friendly service. But as a co-op, we’re also motivated by service to our community, rather than profits. We hope you’ll exercise the benefits of your co-op membership and join us at our events this year. If you cannot join, please exercise your voice and give me a call. I am always excited to hear from you!