Operation Round Up gives annual education foundation contributions

Posted on Mar 30 2020 in Boone REMC

Photo of Zionsville Education Foundation
Boone REMC’s Accounting Supervisor Ben Duke and Zionsville Education Foundation’s Executive Director Lyle Browne.

Traders Point Christian School
Traders Point Christian School’s Principal Nate Mylin, Chief Advancement Officer Ryan Gallagher, and Boone REMC’s Communications Specialist Krista Shields.

Western Boone Education Foundation
Western Boone’s Education Foundation’s Mike Thompson and Boone REMC’s Executive Assistant & Human Resources Coordinator Pam Warmoth.

Sheridan Schools
Boone REMC’s Krista Shields and Sheridan Community School’s Superintendent Mary Roberson.

Lebanon Schools
Boone REMC’s Krista Shields and Lebanon Education Foundation’s Peggy Bailey.