Operation Round Up: 14 local organizations receive $68,000 from REMC members

Posted on May 15 2024 in Steuben County REMC
Operation Round Up logo

Operation Round Up, a charitable giving program initiated by Steuben County REMC, empowers our members to positively impact our local community. Through this program, members have the opportunity to automatically round up their monthly electric bills to the nearest dollar. These small contributions are then pooled into a fund supporting various charitable causes in our area.


  • Rounding up: Participating members’ electric bills are rounded up to the next highest dollar. The average estimated annual donation is approximately 50 cents per month or $6 annually, with a maximum of $11.88.
  • Distribution: The additional change collected from thousands of participating members adds up significantly. Steuben County REMC disburses these funds quarterly through a volunteer board of directors.
  • Local impact: The Operation Round Up program has been making a difference since its launch in June 2004. To date, it has donated over $790,000 to more than 560 projects within our local community.


  • $68,000 to 14 local charities and community projects: Steuben County REMC members recently donated a substantial amount to support various initiatives in our area. These contributions directly benefit local organizations and enhance the well-being of our community.
  • 80% participation: Approximately 80% of our members participate in the program by rounding up their electric bills. These seemingly small donations collectively create a significant impact in Steuben County.


  • Non-profit organizations: Operation Round Up’s funds primarily support local non-profit organizations. These groups contribute to economic development or enhance the quality of life for our membership.
  • The application deadlines are June 28, Sept. 27, and Dec. 27 — the last Friday of the month.


  • Opt-in: If you’d like to participate in the Operation Round Up program, simply call our office at 260-665-3563.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the 2023 Operation Round Up volunteer board for their dedication to our community:

  • Craig Ralston (President)
  • Cheryl Reed (Vice President)
  • Nicole Lovett
  • Deb Delancey (term limit)
  • Gus Reed (term limit)
  • Dale Chard (term limit)
  • Two Steuben County REMC employees

Their commitment ensures that Operation Round Up continues to positively impact the lives of our members and the well-being of our local area.

We would like to thank you for your years of service on the Steuben County REMC Operation Round Up board.


McMillen Health, 2023 preventive health education for Steuben County youth

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana, Youth mentoring programs in Steuben County

Prairie Heights High School, E-sports and computer graphics lab

Community Harvest Food Bank of NE IN, Inc., Steuben County farm wagon

Hoosiers Feeding The Hungry, “Meat” the Need

Boomerang Backpacks, 2023–2024 school year

Land of Lakes Family Health Services, Medical referral and financial medical assistance program

Fremont Youth and Community Outreach Center, Equipment — capacity increase

Steuben County Cancer Association, Inc, Taking care of our neighbors

Steuben County Council on Aging, Improving overall health through communication and nutritional education

Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana, Junior Achievement K-5 in-school programming 2023–2024

Erin’s House for Grieving Children, Inc., Erin’s House grief support services for children and teens in Steuben County

Steuben Arts Scene, 2024 art events

American Red Cross, Home fire relief program in Steuben County