Operation Round Up grants $5,245

Posted on May 30 2018 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Kankakee Valley REMC’s director of marketing and communications, Amanda Steeb, presents an Operation Round Up check for $995 to the Hebron Volunteer Fire Department for EMT equipment.

The 2018 year has started with over $5,000 being given away to local non-profits through the Operation Round Up Trust organization. Here’s how your contributions are making a difference.

  • Pulaski County Historical Society received a $750 grant to assist with building renovations at the new museum location and to purchase proper archival supplies to help save, protect and expand the longevity of valuable local history items. With the proper supplies, the historical society will be able to expand its active exhibits. The historical society plans to work with local schools to provide educational programs and field trips once the new location is completed. 
  • Noble Township Fire Department purchased a new thermal imaging camera with a $3,500 grant it received. Imaging cameras have become a useful tool for firemen. The camera allows them to see through smoke, aiding in finding people trapped during a fire. With the help of the camera, firefighters can see areas of heat through doors, smoke and darkness. 
  • Hebron Volunteer Fire Department will outfit its EMTs with a Laerdal suction unit courtesy of a $995 grant. This unit will allow EMTs the ability to effectively maintain a clear airway for patients during medical emergencies. This unit will include a disposable canister and patient tubing to assist patients quickly, providing lifesaving assistance. 

Thank you to our members who round up their electric bills each month. Your contributions are making programs and services possible in the communities we all call home.