Operation Round Up gives $5,500 back to the community

Posted on Nov 27 2017 in Marshall County REMC

Youth Leadership Marshall County received a $500 grant. Karen Richey, Purdue Extension director; Kelsey Sajdera, Purdue Extension educator; and Emily Howard, Marshall County REMC communications specialist, pose for a photo.

Argos Public Library received funding to help purchase materials for its robotics program. Argos Public Library would like all students who participate to gain a better understanding of electronics in an “explore and make” atmosphere. This will improve their academic abilities and foster entrepreneurial appreciation for their future endeavors.

The Brotherhood of Professional Police Officers received funding to help provide gift cards to senior citizens with limited or fixed incomes who often have insufficient funds to buy needed medicines and food.

Culver Community Middle High School received funding to help send 11th grade students to the Hamilton Education Program in Chicago. Students will research the life of Alexander Hamilton and create their own poem, song or dramatic scene.

Encore Performing Arts received funding for the continuation and expansion of its youth educational outreach efforts in Marshall County. The program will allow students to participate in a free opportunity to work, learn and perform with professionals. The students will then participate in the Heartland Sings’ concert on Sunday, Dec. 10, at Christo’s Banquet Center.

Junior Achievement serving Marshall County received funding to bring Junior Achievement lessons to third graders at Menominee Elementary School. The lessons will build on JA lessons that students at Menominee received in previous grades.

Marshall County 4-H received funding to start a robotics program within the current 4-H program. The program will help meet the need for more STEM education outside of the classroom environment in Marshall County.

Real Services received funding for programs that provide assistance to elderly, disabled and low-income individuals. In 2016, Real Services addressed the needs of nutrition, self-sufficiency, health and protection to more than 5,900 Marshall County residents.

Youth Leadership Marshall County (YLMC) received funding to help lower the cost to participants. Each month, the group will cover a different topic related to personal growth leadership. Programs include tours of businesses around the county and volunteer work for non-profit organizations within the community.

Thank you to those members who participate in Operation Round Up and to the Marshall County Community Foundation for making these donations possible. You have helped donate more than $80,000 to organizations in the community!

Know an organization in need of an Operation Round Up grant?
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