Your online resource for energy savings

Posted on Jul 26 2017 in Kankakee Valley REMC

If you’re looking for ways to save energy and money, check out the energy
resource center available on the Kankakee Valley REMC website. These fun interactive tools help you zero in on where you can save the most — and the quickest!

Go to, then click on Energy Solutions and look for Energy Calculators in the drop down menu. Here are some of the calculators and reference tools you will find at our Energy Resource Center:

Home Energy Calculator

This quick calculator provides an estimated breakdown of your energy use and costs by heating, cooling, water heating, refrigeration, lighting and appliances. Learn how much you can save in each area.

Appliance Calculator

Get down-to-the-penny energy operating costs, both annual and monthly averages, for more than 50 different home appliances and electronic devices.

Lighting Calculator

This tool quickly calculates and compares the operating costs of standard incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and LED lamps.

Home Energy Library

Developed from years of engineering and field experience and leading national data sources, this Home Energy Library is the definitive energy reference library for homeowners today. Residents can search hundreds of pages of content and find answers to nearly every conceivable question. They can search by an alphabetical index, by category, or go directly to the Frequently Asked Questions list.

A key benefit of this site is the ease of use. You can perform scenario analyses to see the impact of changing behavior or equipment on your energy bill. The calculators excel in exposing opportunities for savings by displaying accurate estimated energy and dollar impacts as you change assumptions like adding new appliances, people, etc., to the home.

After using the Energy Resource Center, if you have questions concerning your home’s energy efficiency and electrical use, call and speak to our energy advisor. His services are free to Kankakee Valley REMC members.