On a Mission

Two Paulding Putnam EC linemen go on a humanitarian journey

Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative (PPEC) Linemen John McMaster and Zak Kauser, along with 15 other line workers from all over Ohio, came together earlier this year to be part of Project Ohio, a statewide effort led by Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives to electrify rural parts of Guatemala.

Even through the brutal high-90s heat and language barrier, the Ohio crew helped village residents gain a new outlook by providing them with electricity for the very first time in their lives. 

This is PPEC lineman John McMaster’s second time making the journey. “Being part of Project Ohio means bringing opportunities to people who didn’t have them before. The teachers in the schools will now have a laptop and projectors to open opportunities in education. This can open doors to their imagination beyond what they see and do in village life just because they now have electricity,” said McMaster.

Nearly 150 homes were given electricity thanks to the 17 linemen and Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives staff members.  This was PPEC lineman Zak Kauser’s first time participating. “My overall experience on the Project Ohio trip was great. I got to see firsthand how things are done differently in a developing country. Being able to go help a less fortunate area gives you a better understanding of life, and it’s heartwarming knowing you helped make their lives easier.”

Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Latin America with more than 75 percent of residents living below the poverty line. 

CEO and President George Carter said this is a life- changing ordeal for those involved. “This project, and all the International projects, changes lives. They don’t just improve conditions, they actually change lives just like the rural electrification projects in this county 80 years ago changed lives. This wouldn’t be possible without the sacrifices of dedicated professionals like John and Zak.”

During the mission, every home received a water filtration system and a single burner cooktop. Every child in the village received a new pair of shoes. The school in Las Tortugas received a laptop computer, overhead projector and an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner. The school in San Jorge received a laptop computer, overhead projector, an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner, and a sound system. These tools, combined with the electrification project, will allow the schools to greatly improve their educational outreach.

For more information on Project Ohio or to see a photo gallery of this humanitarian mission, visit PPEC’s website at www.PPEC.coop.